Thursday, February 8, 2007

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biscuit1 said...

Congress voted to cease all funding for horse slaughter Nov 2005, President Bush signed it with an amendment added that allows USDA Federal Employees to use government equipment to grade and inspect and stamp the horsemeat for selling and be paid by the foreign owners. this is against all federal employee regulations, and federal employee ethic standards. I am a federal employee, I reported this to Office of Personnel Management who writes the Regulations, the Inspector General of USDA, the US Attorney, no one answers. Horse slaughter has continued because of the amount of money the USDA is making. A new bill has been introduced without the amendment to stop it. USDA is writing amendments demanding $500,000 a horse for horse owners. What is this called -- it is called corruption. 70% of the American people want this to stop. However, many our representatives in government do not give a damn what the people want, nor do they give a damn how the horses suffer or the fact that people want these horses, they only care about the lobbyists and how many favors they will do for them, and the USDA only care about the money in their pockets, even though they know it is against all federal law. There is your new government America. It is against the law,if we say so.
The writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution must be rolling over in their graves.