Thursday, February 8, 2007

Horse Slaughter in the United States

I am starting this blog to let the public know about a little known secret that goes on every single day in the United States of America. Horse slaughter for human consumption is America's dirty little secret. Last year over 90,000 horses were brutally slaughtered for human consumption for European and Asian markets.

The old saying about the "glue factory" is in reality a restaurant in France or a meat shop in Belguim.

Horses are being slaughtered in the US right now! It is not a happy ending for these poor horses.

I plan to post a research paper that I wrote for one of my college writing classes.

We pull horses out of the killer pens and adopt them into good homes. We also rescue horses in cases of abuse and neglect as well.

You can check us out at

Thanks for reading my post!

Jo Deibel

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Britishtwilight said...

Great job. As an English teacher, I worked on a practice book for AP Language. When I was looking for controversial topics, I said to the editor, "I want to do horse slaughter in the US - but I am sure you wont let me." He said, "I think it is great: the kids will come at it fresh because they will know nothing." Neither did he: sad but true. Hopefully your paper and my workbook will open some eyes.
Take care of Mattie for us. What a sweetheart: I pray he makes it.